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 Frances died on February 17th 2015, peacefully but unexpectedly despite the 21 months of illness and treatment that she had faced so positively.


Indeed, that same attitude, love of life, sparkle and warmth that so characterised Frances to everyone who knew her, was also a key driver of her ambition to write short stories for children (5 - 8 years old). Just the sort of stories she used read to our children only a couple of years ago.


Unfortunately time was not on her side and the stories have never beenpublished,until now hopefully - with a little help from her friends.


Rather than flowers we asked people to donate to a fund that will see Monsieur Alphonse aka Inspector Hound, published at last. Any residual funds will go to Grove House, the hospice in St Albans who provided counsel and care when it mattered. It's a simple idea that has brightened a tough moments over the days, weeks and months.


Contributions are still coming (2016) in and very welcome. They  can take whatever form that suits - see the panel to the right for some suggestions.


Publishing is new to us but as we come out of the first year and into a new normality, Frances' sister Alison and I are moving more quickly now to turn so many people's love for Frances into a lasting memorial through her Inspector Hound books. This would mean so much to her, not least because it will be made possible by the people she cared about who have already pledged and given enough to make this  less of  an "if" but more a "when" and "how"  exercise. So thanks all those who've contributed and may be about to do so, to take the Hound to market (so to speak!).  


See the "Explore Inspector Hound's World" and "Summary of 1st Inspector Hound Story"  buttons (top right) for a bit more about Inspector Hound in Frances' own words and what we are trying to achieve together. Hopefully we can give life to Frances' passion for this pooch!


Thank you.

Nick Velody


Frances' book publishing fund

PS. I ‘ve been asked to add the card payment mechanic below. This is in addition to the less immediate but equally valid ways to donate shown in the right hand panel. NB Any card is fine, you can leave a message and don't need a Paypal account (ignore that they try to sign you up!) Thank you.

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Monsieur Alphonse


To ask me about this, call me on 07747 021843 or at


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Contributions can take whatever form that suits:


- a pledge to me at  (we can then liaise on funding methods)


- a cheque to me care of Phillips Funeral Directors, Parchment House, 9 Victoria Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 4EB


- card payment processed by PayPal (you don't need a Paypal account).

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